As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second, I was absolutely adamant that I would catch my baby. I found the shop spiritysol on etsy and purchased a print of a mama catching her baby in the water, and hung it up in my living room where I’d see it every day. I made candles out of beeswax mixed with coconut oil in the days leading up to my birth. I told my care provider I intended on not pushing, and letting the fetal ejection reflex happen, and protected myself with my bubble of peace when she said that didn’t work on “big babies”. I mentally visualized my birth without guilt or fear.  

I used my Hypnobabies tools during my birthing time, and my husband sat faithfully next to the tub where I stayed for a few hours, just chilling in peace and quiet, relaxing my body with each birthing wave and enjoying the warm water. Somehow we realized it was time to get the birth tub ready downstairs, so my husband left my side to scramble to fill it. While he was gone I lost my cool a little bit, yelling for him to hurry. In hindsight, I know I was in transformation then! He rushed upstairs as soon as he possibly could to help me get downstairs while I was holding a towel between my legs!  

I was in my beautiful blue birth tub on my knees when I knew my son was about to be born. My water broke spontaneously and his little body instantly started twisting and working down. My body pushed as I focused on relaxing all the muscles around the birth canal. I breathed him down as my body automatically began pushing him out, with amazing efficiency, I must add. It happened so fast! I felt every movement, in seconds his head was out, and with the next wave I saw him emerge and his tiny body suspended in the water like he was floating in outer space. This was it! It felt like it happened in slow motion, the whole thing felt so good and painless and here I was reaching into the water, lifting him up from under his tiny arms. The look on my face said it all. I was a freaking rockstar, in that moment I was pretty sure I had just done the coolest thing I would ever do. My little guy looked great, he was doing really well and was looking around and very alert, and he didn’t cry which was so fascinating to me. It was the peaceful, gentle birth I had hoped and planned and envisioned. A few minutes later, the midwife tugged on the cord for my placenta, and the words instinctually came out of me with urgency, “Don’t. Stop, it isn’t ready.” I was a new woman for the second time, this time confidently tuned into the wisdom of my body and I knew what I needed and wasn’t afraid to speak up. 

There is a lot of misconception about what using hypnosis during childbirth feels or looks like, but I assure you that you will be there in the moment, and you will remember in vivid detail every beautiful thing that unfolds. It does take making a commitment to practice and stay on track, but it is worth it. The impact it had on my births is the reason I feel very strongly that this is how I can contribute to the empowered birth movement. This is my passion! 

If you want to listen to a track to see how you like it, there is a free one called “Instantly Calm” on the Hypnobabies website!

Thanks for letting me share my birth story with you!