Some more quick tips

-Pick a corner of a restaurant instead of a table in the middle so you can turn to the corner to latch if you still are working on that.

-Practice breastfeeding with your baby carrier or wrap or ring sling, it can have a learning curve and make take a few tries or adjustments to get it right. You can also use it to help shield your breast as you latch and unlatch somewhat like you would use a cover!

-It is normal to wonder if everyone is looking at you. I felt that way until I got out there and did it! You will begin to realize that people are wrapped up in their own world and not paying attention to what you are doing. You may get words of encouragement from other mamas or even just a smile of solidarity because we have been there before and we remember what it is like! (I miss it!)

The important thing is that you jump out there and just do it! It is okay if you feel fumbly or awkward the first time. The more times you go and do it, the more natural and easy it will get. I was breastfeeding in public for a few years and I have helped pave the way for you. Nobody ever confronted me or caused me to have a bad experience breastfeeding in public, despite that concern sitting there in the back of my mind. Have confidence and know what you are doing is wonderful and you are also paving the way for future moms to not be so scared when it is time for them to breastfeed in public places. We are doing important work!!! We are changing the norms of society, we are normalizing breastfeeding and it is a very important cause.


Breastfeeding in public is an important milestone in your breastfeeding journey because breastfeeding often, regardless of where you are, is important for your milk supply and that is the key to making sure you making it to your breastfeeding goal! Once you get yourself comfortable with breastfeeding in public places, you won’t feel the urge to delay a nursing session until you can hide in a bathroom or your car or feed you child a bottle when you are away from home. Those are solutions some moms have relied on because they were afraid of breastfeeding in public. I urge you to embrace your freedom to nurse you baby wherever you go. Those who have been nursing in public before you want you to be empowered to breastfeed in public and to nourish your baby without hesitation! We stand behind you and support you.

I took part in a photo project called PBAB or where myself and my two boys breastfed all over the Frisco IKEA in July 2017 while I was still tandem breastfeeding both of my boys. The photographer was birthy goddess Brandi Johnson of Kindred Photography. Normalizing breastfeeding is a topic close to my heart! Being part of that project was liberating!!!
For more public breastfeeding inspiration, follow Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project’s page on Facebook! The more you see public breastfeeding, the more normal it will feel.

I highly suggest hiring a photographer to capture some breastfeeding pictures, they so strongly convey that special bond between mother and child during this chapter of both of your lives!