We don’t have to stop at just passing our joyful birth stories down, we can help our generation of women now by supporting each other the way I want to support you.

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First Time Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding in Public for the First Time – Part 2

Some more quick tips-Pick a corner of a restaurant instead of a table in the middle so you can turn to the corner to latch if you still are working on that.-Practice breastfeeding with your baby carrier or wrap or ring sling, it can have a learning curve...

First Time Mom’s Guide to Breastfeeding in Public for the First Time – Part 1

One thing I really didn't think about when I became a first time mom was breastfeeding away from the house. I knew breastfeeding was beyond beautiful, and I knew I was brave and I knew my legal rights to be able to breastfeed in public wherever I myself...

My Empowering Second Hypnobabies Birth

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second, I was absolutely adamant that I would catch my baby. I found the shop spiritysol on etsy and purchased a print of a mama catching her baby in the water, and hung it up in my living room where I'd see it every day....

Be open to it being way better than you imagined!

Welcome to my new blog! I wanted to start out talking about the differences between my two births. I used Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis for both of them, but had completely different outlooks which influenced what happened in my births. With my first birth, I stayed...

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Katherine Long

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